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Impact Winter

In 2020, Skybound announced a narrative slate in partnership with Audible Inc., the world’s largest producer and provider of original spoken-word entertainment and audiobooks. In 2022 we released Impact Winter, a scripted long-form fiction Audible Original that soared to #1 on Audible+ for Audible Fiction and #3 on Apple Fiction. Two additional seasons of the hit series have been greenlit. This action, romance, coming-of-age story delivers an unprecedented sonic experience via binaural action sequences, original music and incomparable sound design, all of which come together to bring to life this post-apocalyptic world in visceral detail. 

Additionally, Skybound released Death By Unknown Event, a bizarre and chilling true-crime story. Over the course of seven years, Vancouver nurse Cindy James reported more than 100 separate incidents of harassment in a saga that ended in her death in 1989. During those seven years, the police found no leads and made no arrests, and her equally mysterious passing sparked the longest and most expensive coroner’s inquest in Canadian history. 

Skybound and Audible will also release  Gasolina, an adaptation of Sean Mackiewicz and Niko Walter’s supernatural Skybound/Image comic of the same name. In this adaptation of the Eisner Award-nominated comic book series, Randy and Amalia find themselves in the middle of the Mexican drug war as it turns supernatural. Trying to leave behind their past reputations as El Doctor y La Asesina, the givers and takers of life, the couple is pulled back in when Amalia’s nephew is kidnapped. The new cartel behind the crime is notorious for their brutality and ruthlessness…and for their eerily devout worship of a mysterious new saint, La Querida. The series will be a bilingual audio release, with full recordings completed in both Spanish and English. 


A story of apocalypse, horror, and adventure, is a wholly original new saga created just for Audible with immersive 3D audio that dares you to pop in your earbuds and listen in the dark. Venture into an eternally sunless world of swords and crossbows; primal hunters and shape-shifters; leaders and lovers. Hear how a brave few fight to survive the impact winter.


A deep dive into one of the most shocking true crimes in Canadian history. Death by Unknown Event illuminates the enigmatic life of Vancouver nurse Cindy James, the efforts and failures of law enforcement to investigate her gruesome death, and the lingering theories around how she died from those closest to the case.

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