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In 1954, the Swedish government ordered the construction of the world’s largest particle accelerator. The facility was complete in 1969, located deep below the pastoral countryside of Mälaröarna.

The local population called this marvel of technology The Loop.

These are its strange tales.

About the Book:
Perfect for fans of E.T. and Stranger Things—the first narrative art-book (followed by Things from the Flood) from acclaimed author and artist Simon Stålenhag about an alternate suburban town in the 1980s inhabited by fantastic machines and strange, imaginative beasts.

From the same author who wrote the graphic novel The Electric State, this “haunting,” (The Verge) “sophisticated sci-fi” (The Nerdist) follows the bizarre stories from otherworldly creatures and is a page-turner you won’t be able to put down.
Soon to be an Amazon Prime Original Series!

Where to buy

Simon Stålenhag

Science Fiction, Apocalyptic, Alternative History, Conceptual

Skybound Books

Release Date:
April 7, 2020

128 Pages



What people are saying:

“Stålenhag was far and away my favorite sci-fi artist of 2015, and Tales From the Loop will show you why. His universe is a dystopia you wouldn’t mind exploring, one that oppresses you with mystery and beauty rather than drab soldiers or vacuous ‘you have this emotion, therefore you belong in this group’ regimes. The Loop is sophisticated sci-fi buried under snowy Swedish dirt. And I can’t wait to dig deeper.”
– Nerdist

“Simon Stålenhag did not forget the robots. More to the point, Simon Stålenhag can’t forget the robots, because in his remarkable, beautiful new art book, Tales From The Loop, he has embedded them into our collective past, offering a vision of an alt-history Sweden in the late 80’s and early 90’s where they clack through suburban streets, lurk in the backyard trees, or lie, still and cold, abandoned in snowy fields… If you’ve got a geek in your family who needs a Christmas present, this should be it. They’ll love you forever. If you’ve got a young nerd in need of corruption ? a kid who’d benefit from having their reality shaken and their head filled with impossible things ? this’ll do the trick because, Tales has the magic. It’s got the robots, the weirdness, the dinosaurs.”
– NPR.org

About the Author: Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stålenhag is the internationally lauded artist and author of TALES FROM THE LOOP and THINGS FROM THE FLOOD, narrative art books that stunned the world with a vision of an alternate Scandinavia in the 1980s and ‘90s where technology has invaded the tranquil landscapes to form an entirely new universe of the eerie and the nostalgic. THE ELECTRIC STATE is Simon’s latest work and his first with Skybound Books, and was named an NPR Best Book of 2018. He lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

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